Empowered Communication Workshops

Unlock your or your team’s potential with Medusa’s personalized empowerment communication workshops

Take charge of your communication with Empowered Communication. Master techniques like assertiveness, empathy, and active listening, while honing self-awareness to apply them effectively. Understand your emotions, triggers, and needs to navigate any situation with confidence. Strike a balance between your own needs and empathy for others, equipped with conflict resolution skills to handle clashes with loved ones.

empowered communication

Amy’s culturally sensitive approach and her human intelligence in her way of teaching makes everyone feel comfortable, heard, and seen. The tools I’ve learned from her through the workshop and through her way of communicating has made me become a better communicator towards others, but also a better communicator towards myself.

Iris Dijkstra

former workshop participant, 2024

In an empowered communication workshop, we discuss the what, why, and how of being an empowered communicator. Completing a workshop with us you will improve your communication skills, increase your confidence, have better relationships, and numerous personal and professional benefits.

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Workshop Duration and Personalization

Workshops are generally a minimum 3-hour session, but we can customize them to suit your organization’s needs. Since so much of communication is non-verbal, and because it is fun–we love to do in-person workshops! 

We can facilitate workshops in English or Spanish.

Who are our workshops for?

Our workshops and retreats are perfect for corporate settings, nonprofits, small businesses, universities, schools, and make a great addition to any kind of personal or professional development offering.

We often facilitate them for a variety of institutions in Costa Rica where we are based. We are willing to discuss traveling to other places for in-person full day or multiple day workshops and retreats.

Workshops Online

You are located outside of Costa Rica? We are happy to lead virtual workshops.

In-person workshops involve a lot of interaction, small group and partner exercises, and some movement based or somatic activities.

Virtual workshops are a bit more limited in this aspect, but we do discuss somatic practices and use breakout rooms.

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Our empowered communication workshops are available in English or Spanish.


Amy’s Empowered Communication workshop encourages participants to look internally, at themselves, as well as externally, at positive psychology and research, to strengthen their self-awareness. Beyond the exercises themselves, Amy creates a classroom environment where participants feel confident and curious.  After seeing this workshop run multiple times, I truly believe participants walk out with a better understanding of their place in the world.

Mae Hunt

EF Gap Year Advisor, Education First

“I love how Amy framed her workshop on Empowered Communication as an invitation to practice skills that the world so desperately needs – boundary-setting, active listening, and an expanded emotional vocabulary.  For some students in the room who have been scarred by academic contexts where their “no” has not been received, Amy grounded us in the possibility that we could listen to her while drawing and that participation was an invitation and a choice rather than something forced.  This framing allowed students to feel welcomed into the workshop setting and enabled deep reflection on what to do when our needs are out of alignment.  We came away reflecting on why we (especially women) apologize for our “no’s” and have more tools now to ask “do you want advice, or do you want me to simply listen?”  Thank you, Amy for this time of listening and sharing that students continue to talk about many days later!”

Jeanelle Wheeler

Student Life Coordinator, Education First