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What we offer

Medusa Media Collective offers a wide range of marketing services specifically tailored to women. Our services include content writing, voice coaching, conflict resolution, and communication coaching. We cater to individuals such as writers, authors, and entrepreneurs, as well as nonprofits and small businesses.


Communication Workshops

Join our empowered communication workshop to learn the what, why, and how of being an empowered communicator. Enhance your communication skills, boost your confidence, foster better relationships, and gain numerous personal and professional benefits. Reach out to us now to get started!

Content / Editing

Let us help your writing shine! From content writing for websites, blogs, articles, to nonprofit-related documents like bylaws, manuals, and grant proposals, we do it all. Whether you need conceptual guidance or line editing, we’ve got you covered. Unsure about the type of editing you need? Let us assist you!

Marketing / Brand Consulting

Are you building a brand identity for your product, creating a website, or launching a new business? How you tell your story matters. We work with small business owners and entrepreneurs to build their brand and make their story work.

Voice Coaching

Do you get nervous about speaking in public? Maybe you are preparing for a job interview or an important meeting? We can help. A big part of executive presence is staying connected to who you are talking to, remaining clear on what you want to achieve, and making a well-designed argument. 

With this service we share specific tools that address physicality, vocal support, and clarity, as well as confidence and community engagement.

Communication Coaching

Need help with hard conversations or setting boundaries? We take a needs-based approach to communication. We combine methods of nonviolent communication with assertive communication for what we like to call Empowered Communication. With these practices, you will find it easier to navigate sensitive issues in ways that are firm, clear, and compassionate. 

Conflict Resolution

In any small business or nonprofit, conflict is inevitable. It is even important. We are experts in conflict resolution and effective communication. We can help you manage, resolve, and transform conflict in healthy ways.

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“Amy was such a pleasure to work with on my magazine article. She took my basic and boring outline and turned it into a beautiful, emotional story that captures attention and elevates the overall message I was trying to convey. I also appreciated how reasonable her rates are and her quick responses. Can’t wait to work together again!

Marylee Burman

“Toby was phenomenal to work with at Elephant Journal. Her editing was thoughtful, supportive, encouraging and inspiring. I always felt that she held my words close to her heart. Moreover I loved that we would work on changes in a collaborative way. I felt comfortable at this deep level, that she really soaked in and understood my vision, what my soul trying to express. Her passion for writing and editing poured through, and I wrote some of my best pieces while working with her! I am very grateful and I know that any writer can benefit immensely from the support and creative collaboration with an amazing editor like Toby.

Sarah Harvey

Elephant Journal Featured Author

“Cara is an amazing, kind, and talented instructor who knows how to teach in a “one size does NOT fit all” approach. She has a gift of truly seeing where each student is on his journey and offering the student what is needed for growth. Cara is also a bundle of sunshine who loves and cares about the craft and her students.”

Mona Amein

Inner Voice student at Get Scene Studios